Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why do dogs run?

No. Seriously.

Why do dogs like to run so much? I mean, go on runs. Not chasing bunnies or squirrels but rather, on the other end of a short leash + choke collar trying to keep up for 4 or so miles while their owner runs.

When I run, I am running to think and NOT to think. Running to clear my head completely and then let WHATEVER needs to come back into it and be dealt with.

I am also running to look better. I like the way my butt looks when I've been running regularly and I like that my pants do not strangle my stomach like a boa constrictor. I like running and thinking as I pass people... "Yeah, I've had two kids. Top this." Just being honest.

Finally, I run because of what it does for my emotional stability. I told my MD recently that a little zoloft and 10-20 miles/week is all I need to stay out of depression and (major) anxiety's grip. He said I should be a commercial for Pfizer. Maybe I should call them and then use the money I make to buy more running shoes. They're freakin ridiculous.

So back to my dog. Does he get any of those benefits and does he care? I mean, surely he's not concerned about his depression/anxiety level. Obviously, there's not enough going on in his mind that he needs to clear it. Honestly, I don't think he looks any different running 15M a week with me than he did laying around and eating kibbles. He's not chasing bunnies and he's not free to go wherever he wants.

And yet. When I get out my running clothes he will not leave my side. When I finally put on my shoes... it's a full out frenzy. And so I am left to think that maybe he loves to run because that's what he was made to do.

Just like I was made to love and be loved.

It's sweet really. He likes to be with me and just run. He doesn't pull. He doesn't talk. He certainly doesn't stop. I think if I followed his lead... I would be better at running. And loving.

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