Saturday, September 12, 2009

Take 2. And "take two..."

So. I have been putting this off for about a year now, I think. Maybe a little longer.

In March 2008 a dear college roommate of mine died unexpectedly. Around that time was also Lent and I had given up desserts (which I will never do again). The combination of the two things pushed me to look for something to do with myself. (What with all that free time not-eating-chocolate and all the emotions of losing someone.)

I started to run.

I became a runner.

I had no idea what it would do for me.

Hence the "Trying to run" part of the title of this little blog.

Freeze. Stop. Rewind.

6 Years ago, September of 2003, I had my first child. Two and a half years later I had my second boy. As I am not a "baby person" I spent the first year or so of each of their lives waiting for it to get easier. Hoping for them to become little people so that I could see what they would be like. Wishing away time.

When my friend died in '08 my perspective changed.

I began to understand that capturing the moments of life as they are today and this week and this year is the BEST way for me to live.

Loving my children, my husband, my friends and myself they way we are RIGHT NOW is crucial... and joyful.

Recognizing the sun shining down or the sweet smell of crayons or the laughter of the kids is Life. My Life. And I don't want it to slip by.

Hence the "not" part of the title.

I look forward to sharing the moment-by-moment journey with you.

Running and not.

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